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Euro Hoist Electric Wire rope Hoist

Special compact type low clearance configuration
Modularized structural design enables the optimization of force distribution,the promotion of materail quality,the decrease of main structure geometric size,the reduction of auxiliary mechanism more compactness of entire equipment ,the minimization of maximum dead zone,the reduction of whole machine weight.Therefore the total height of workshop is 1 meter lower and expense is further saved owing to further downsize building structure ,basic cost,relative auxiliary mechanism system such as heating system ,ventilation etc. is further reduced.
Implement Strictly in Accordance with the Requirement of Standard
The product design and manufacture is carried out in strict accordance with all kinds of international and special local standard,thus application of product in market can win a broader range of accreditation,and provides superior standard of quality service for more customer so as to win trust and support from customer.
Double Speed ,Frequency Conversion Control
The application of double speed and frequency conversion in lifting and operation control system makes the speed of movement closeli confirm to the command of operator.The transfer between fast and slow speed enables the realization of speediness and exactness.The fast and exact positioning greatly promotes the security of process for customers and realized the smooth and high efficient work,therefore ,further greatly upraises performance and efficiency of product.

The Advantages of  European style Hoisting Equipment

1.Electric control box
The application of international renowned electric element like Schneider and Simons which has concise and reasonable wiring,multiple protection at IP64 protection level,stable performance and no noise,the cover of which can be opened in 120 degrees to be repaired conveniently.
2.Lifting Driver Unit
High strength aluminum alloy integration housing is in weight ,small in size,good in heat conduction and with maintenance-free design.It has class H insulation at IP65 protection level(for special configuration,explanation shall be required).
3.Operation Mechanism
Electromotor ,retarder and brake are integrated into one body,so its operation is smooth,stable and free from impact,maintenance  and design,It is of class H insulation at IP65 protection level(for special configuration ,explanation shall be required).
Its is agility in operation.Reliable in performance ,little in abrasion .long in service life ,with one million times switching for the first warranty and two side non-asbestos brake pad(critical abrasion indication function is optional).
5.Rope Guide
It is made of high strength,wear-resistant,self-lubrication engineer used nylon,so its weight is light,and volume is small and it effectively extends the service life of roll and steel wire rope.
Aircraft-grade connector,the contact is extremely stable,no false connection,above IP65 protection level.
7.Hoisting Height Limiter
Double limits,free adjustment,multi-point control,broad regulation range,high limits accuracy,therefore it has the same service life as crane.
8.Safety Monitor(Optional)
Digitized real time monitor,automatic alarm recording humanity operation interface.

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