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What is The Safety Device For The Crane?

Crane operation of the safety accident news out constantly, as a manufacturer to tell you the safety problem has been a very important issue, the construction time must pay attention to safety is greater than everything. Try to avoid tragedy. In order to be able to work better and better, we must carry out safety protection for the crane and the maintenance of the safety device. Here my company's professionals sorted out a number of security devices to share to you, we must carefully read:

1, height limit device: hook up to the specified height, the touch limit hammer, open the trip switch, "over the" indicator light is lit, while cutting off the hook lift, boom out, boom To the operation of the operation to ensure safety. At this time as long as the manipulation of the hook down, the boom up or retract the arm and other handle, so that the limit hammer to lift the constraints, the operation is back to normal. In special occasions, such as the need for a small over-winding operation, you can press the release button on the instrument box, then the role of the limit will be lifted, but this time the operation must be carefully carried out in order to avoid accidents.

2, the legs lock device: when an accident occurred, leading to the vertical cylinder of the high-pressure tubing or hose rupture or cutting, the hydraulic system in the two-way hydraulic lock can block the lock cylinder oil pressure chamber, Legs do not shrink or throw, so as to ensure the safety of lifting operations.

3, boom amplitude security device: once the accident occurred, the boom swing cylinder circuit in the high-pressure tubing or hose cut or burst, the hydraulic circuit in the balance valve to play a role, immediately from the cylinder chamber Of the working oil locked up, so that the boom will not fall, so as to ensure the safety of operations. The role of the boom expansion and contraction device is similar, so that the boom itself retracted to ensure safe operation. In the case of

4, the hydraulic system of the relief valve: mainly used to suppress the circuit in the high voltage anomalies to prevent damage to the motor and hydraulic pump, and to prevent the crane in an overload state.

5, the weight indicator: This device is set in the side of the basic arm side, the operator sitting in the control room can be clearly observed, can accurately indicate the elevation angle of the boom and the corresponding conditions under the crane rated Lifting capacity. In the case of

6, Lifting characteristics table: set in the control room on the front side of the wall board, lists a variety of arm length and a variety of work under the rated lifting height and weight, easy to operate when consult. Lifting operations must not exceed the values specified in the table.

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