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Performance Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Manual Trolley


When we were young, we had seen the Manual Trolley at home, and the Manual Trolley was still bulky and made entirely of iron. It was mainly used for field labor and daily use. And now the development of the times, Manual Trolley material and function has also undergone changes, more and more light and efficient, multi-functional agricultural Manual Trolley into the people at home, the following describes the performance characteristics of stainless Manual Trolley.

1, walking lightweight: stainless Manual Trolley casters and car plate contact with the rotation of the patented design, reducing the resistance to start and walk. After loading the rated parts on the board, you can push and walk with only a few people.

2, weight light weight: car plate and casters with impact modified plastic, compared to iron car weight to reduce the more than half, and can be split packaging, easy to carry.

3, walking mute: stainless Manual Trolley casters with a unique mute effect design, so that the scaffolding in the working state without noise, to mute the effect.

Stainless Manual Trolley at the bottom of the anti-static casters can be anti-static, it can be used for purification workshop, in addition can also be used for freight yard, warehouse, canteens, hotels, workshops, school transfer materials.

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