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A Safety Device For A Crane


The crane is a machine that is circulated and intermittently moved, and the take-up device lifts the item from the object, then moves horizontally to the designated place to descend the item, and then carries out the reverse movement so that the take-up device returns to its original position for the next cycle. Crane, according to its structure and performance of different, divided into different types, generally can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, bridge type crane and boom type crane three categories.

With the extensive use of cranes, cranes in the installation process continue to appear a variety of difficult problems, security issues can not be ignored, so the installation of the lifting process in the installation of safety devices.

1. The hoisting mechanism must be equipped with a winch limiter. When the hook is lifted up to 300mm from the crane frame, the power supply of the motor can be automatically cut off and the motor can stop. Is to prevent the crane near the end of the track and the impact of the accident, or two cranes in the same track collision occurred, the safety device taken.

2. Automatic interlock device is a bridge crane on the more than a bare line, in order to prevent maintenance personnel electric shock, requiring the cab to the car at the entrance of the warehouse installed automatic interlock device. The buffer is a safety device that absorbs the energy of the crane and the object, and acts on the brake and end switch of the crane. When the crane and the track end of the column phase, to ensure a more stable crane crane.

3. A brake, a device capable of stopping the work at any time during lifting, translation and rotation of the lifting equipment and keeping the weight at any height, which prevents the accident and meets the job requirements. Since the role of the brake is very important for the crane, many accidents are often due to the failure of the brake or the occurrence of applause caused.

The above is one of the several safety devices that are favorable to the crane. Before using the lifting machine, it must be prepared for precaution, strictly abide by the requirements of laws and regulations such as the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations. Certificate on duty, and regular inspection of vehicles, such as monitoring, from the fundamental to eliminate security risks.

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