Eurohoist Electric Cable Hoist 5 Ton Double Girder Electric Cable hoist Low Headroom Cable Hoist

Short Description:

The European electric wire rope hoist is equipped with the domestic LD single beam crane, and the main girder of the domestic LD single beam crane adopts the state-standard i-steel splicing box girder. The width of the bottom of the beam is lower than that of the i-steel at the bottom of the European beam.The running axle of European electric wire rope hoist is short and cannot be matched with standard.In order to solve the problem of European electric wire rope hoist equipped with domestic LD driving, it can be solved by shortening the axle of European electric wire rope hoist running.

1. The height is small, which can reduce the height of the crane workshop.The so-called low clearance can be achieved due to the small size of the mechanical structure through the different layout types and the use of high-speed motor and hard tooth surface deceleration system in the drive mechanism.

2. The light weight can reduce the carrying weight of the workshop.

3. Small limit, which can increase the crane operating space.

4. The reducer adopts the hard-tooth surface reducer, which effectively improves the service life of the whole machine.

5. The operating mechanism reducer adopts the three-in-one reducer motor with hard tooth surface, with compact layout and smooth operation.

6. Adopt forged wheel set, machining boring assembly, high assembly precision and long service life.

7. Steel plate rolling drum is adopted to improve the strength and service life of the drum.

8. A large number of machining equipment are used for overall processing, with small structural deformation and high assembly precision.

9. The main end beam connection adopts high strength bolts for assembly, with high precision and convenient transportation.

10. Realize free maintenance of reducer, drum, coupling and other parts within the overhaul period.

11. Electrical control is relatively stable, that is, variable frequency control technology and feedback system, so called anti-sway.

One of the main advantages of the European wire rope electric hoist is that it is safer to use the switch button to lower the lifting speed of the weight when the weight is about to rise to the specified height.The European electric wire rope hoist can be used together with hand-pulled gourd, loop chain electric hoist or electric car, which is more convenient and more widely used.

Product Detail

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Product Description1. Hook Block: Safety card as the standard configuration by special mold and adopt high-strenth special slippery rope to reduce the damage to wire rope and ligthen the self weight.
2. Wire rope: Imported from Italy, adopt high-strength wire rope with zinc surfacing-plating,high breaking force and good flexibility(2160/mm^2)
3.Body Structure: Adopt mould stamping or bending steel plate to reduce the use of welding parts and increase the service life and quality of the structure bearing part.
4. Motor: three-in-one imported from Germany. Three in one system integrated by pole-changing professional hoisting motor,brake with electromagnetic disk type and reducer with high rotating speed and hard tooth surface ensures silence and the best safety grade of the hoisting mechanism.
5. Running three in one: international brand three in one system ingratiated by frequency-conversion running professional motor, brake with electromagnetic disk type and reducer.
6. Worm adjusting limit swich: adopt customized imported four-level limiting stopper to achieve function of slow speed first and then brake of two dimension running to ensure safety an reliable operation.
Advantages of our Wire rope hoist1.Travelling motor: NORD from Germany
2. Lifting Motor : ABM from Germany or domestic made optional
3. Inverter: YASKWA
4. Contactor: Schneider
5. Terminal:Phoenix
6. Height limit switch: GG from Italy
7. Wire rope: M.P from Italy
8. Standard configuration: dual speed for lifting, travelling with inverter
9. Overload limiter included.
10. Working grade:M5
Technical parameter

Lifting capacity 1.6-80ton
Lifting height 3-50m or customized
Lifting speed Double speed 0.8 /5 m/min; or customized
Traveling speed Variable frequency speed: 2-20m/min; or customized
Working class M5 / M6 (FEM 2M/3M)
Working temperature -20~40℃
Power supply AC, 3Phase, 220/380/400/415V, 60Hz
Control voltage DC, 36 / 48V
Motor protection class IP54 /IP55
Control way Ground push botton control; wireless remote control
Safety device Buffer, current overload protection, overload device, power failure protection, etc.
Parts brand SEW /ABM motor, Schneider electrics, ABB frequency inverter
Application field Factory, workshop, warehouse, power station, logistic,etc.
Painting color Yellow, red, or customized.

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